Everyone’s an Artist

So the more I delve into the exciting and mysterious realm of freelancing, the more I discover that good, professional artist just get zero respect.  Most of the time, folks are interesting in getting work done for next to nothing (usually equates to around $5 an hour) or on spec (meaning you get paid if they make money).  I wonder if programmers get the same treatment or hell, plumbers?!  If you ever want to watch some informative youtube, check out what Stephen Silver has to say about the subject.  Silver is the creator of Kim Possible and has quite the opinion on artists getting ripped off.


Anyway, I have managed to land a few jobs but my main goal is still to get this graphic novel finished, out and on to the next one.  You can get pretty complacent working from home though.  I have to find that routine again..

On a side note, anyone playing Mechwarrior Online ?

Freelance…Feels like free

So after months of searching for a 9-5 job, and very little luck in getting any attention, I decided to pursue freelance work.  Man, finding clients is a job all in itself.  I managed to land some smaller gigs but I am not getting rich off of it that is for sure.  I guess I should have spent my time learning how to be a better bullshitter, then maybe I could have landed a nice paying job doing something I am not good at.  I know of others that have.

So in between the small contracts, I have been working on two separate graphic novels:  “The Wreck” (yep seems like I have been working on that for a while now), and one written by my good friends and good writers; Steve and Mike Daniels called “Kingsmen”.   Kingsmen is going to be an ashcan release that I will probably be giving away at comic conventions here this year.  The first issue anyway.  “The Wreck” is becoming a slow process.  I really want it to do well, so I find myself changing things when I should let it flow.  We’ll see what happens.

By the way, if you know of anyone needing or wanting some pretty decent freelance illustration or character art done, send them my way.

I have a Facebook page dedicated to my comic work so if you are into the social media thing, give it a look and if you like it, LIKE it. 🙂


Thanks to whoever mentioned me in the barracks, I tried going there to post a “hey” and thanks but it seems my account has been nuked.  So anyone that reads this make sure to pass along my well wishes.

Been playing some games.  I dig Defiance for now.  Love Skyrim modded, finished Dead Space 3 (great game) and finished the very last DLC for Mass Effect 3….goddamn I am going to miss Cmdr Shepard.   So in keeping with the hot chick theme, this gal is fantastic as the voice of Mako in SWTOR.


Well now…

It’s been a good 6 months since Playnet was gutted, and I’m still pounding the pavement looking for work as an artist.   Part of this dilemma is my fault, not keeping up with current trends and tools for art in the industry.   I’ve been getting shit done around the house, working on updating my portfolio but not for 3D art, but for concept illustration and working on my graphic novel “The Wreck”.  Thanks to the wife for being a good woman.

So my question is: does anyone read this thing anymore and since I no longer work for that place, does anyone care what I have to say on here?   I am contemplating turning this WP blog into a portfolio gallery instead.  We’ll see what the next week brings.

Long time, no post….or how I spent my summer, so far.

Wow, it’s been a long while since I posted here.

I have been working hard on learning Grome for Rapid Assault, and actually built a couple of maps using it.  Very powerful tool.  Between that and managing our external art sources I haven’t had much time for anything, which includes my own little labor of love: “The Wreck“.   I will soon have lots of time to mess with it though.

I continue to try and educate myself in the UDK environment.  Scripting and Kismet, Cascade, Matinee and the awesome material editor has kept my free time occupied.  I even decided to take an online course through 3D Buzz.   Those guys know their shit for sure.  I’ve also been trying to update my online portfolio.  I can’t believe that I haven’t stayed on top of that.

So how are all of you doing?  Good I hope.  Things are starting to change, and I am curious as to where it will all lead to.

On a personal note:  After ripping through Hell in Diablo 3, I decided to give The Secret World a shot.  Man, that game is pretty fun.  If you like conspiracy theories, and the Illuminati, solving brain puzzles or math problems, you’d probably like this game.  It’s not unheard of for me to spend a good 10-15 minutes on an investigation mission, Google this, Google that….hah, good times.

Patch 1.34 already?

Well, that’s kind of a joke, which I am not very versed in delivering.
Yes, WWIIOL: 1.34 was finally released this week.  Man it seems like forever since we patched the live game, but it really hasn’t been a long-long time.  With the smallish staff that we have, I actually think we did an decent job considering all of the things that this patch includes…not only data-wise (the stuff that the player can actually see or quantify), but the “under-the-hood” stuff.  The biggest reason to celebrate the release:  the Yanks came!
Go here if you want to see the official patch notes.

Now, once I get the PIAT work done, I’ll be back on Grome.  I hope to god that I haven’t forgotten the shit I already learned on that software.

Personal stuff continues.  Work on my project “The Wreck” has slowed a bit.  Been so busy at work that I get home and I want to relax, don’t feel much like penciling 1-2 comic pages.  With the holidays coming up and my house being flooded with family members, I don’t see it picking up until after the 1st of the year.   I am going to make a conscious effort to work on it though.  All six issues are written, scripted and ready to be penciled.   Here is a link to an initial page for it.  It’s still early in development and it’s pretty sparse but since my readership is not the biggest here at this blog, I’m ok giving out the link.    The Wreck