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Left 5 Dead

Are you a Left 4 Dead, zombie killin’ freak?  Then you might enjoy this photo salute to the game.  Very cool stuff.  Done by the team that made the “Night Zero” photographic novel, the HDR is spot on for recreating the look and feel of the game itself.

Here Comes That Phase Again

Well, I have caught the bug once again, to learn a little scripting.   I loaded UnrealEd, found some old video tutorials, and dove right in.  I know it’s not “scripting” but I also downloaded Visual C# Studio Express and started messing with that as well.  I’ll give it another couple of weeks before I come […]

Our AI and RE:5 Demo

So I downloaded the Resident Evil 5 demo last night and Granik and I played through the 2 maps available in it.   It was ok but I found the controls a bit sluggish and overall gameplay not very intuitive.  The art is excellent though!  I’ll have to play it some more to see if I […]

Awesome Cake

Hey what could be better then food and art?  Well, CAKE and art, that’s what.  Check out this geek’s wet dream for a birthday cake, complete with D20. Mike’s Amazing Cakes is truly amazing.  I wonder if they could do Frazetta’s Death Dealer in a lemon flavor?

What a crappy Sunday

Only because the Cowboys forgot to show up for their 3:15 game against the Eagles.  Embarrassing I tell ya. Monday morning came along and I have about 3 days with the short week again, to get this tank and vehicle training course completed.  It’s about 40% complete now and with some of the static objects […]