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Freelance…Feels like free

So after months of searching for a 9-5 job, and very little luck in getting any attention, I decided to pursue freelance work.  Man, finding clients is a job all in itself.  I managed to land some smaller gigs but I am not getting rich off of it that is for sure.  I guess I […]

Long time, no post….or how I spent my summer, so far.

Wow, it’s been a long while since I posted here. I have been working hard on learning Grome for Rapid Assault, and actually built a couple of maps using it.  Very powerful tool.  Between that and managing our external art sources I haven’t had much time for anything, which includes my own little labor of […]

Patch 1.34 already?

Well, that’s kind of a joke, which I am not very versed in delivering. Yes, WWIIOL: 1.34 was finally released this week.  Man it seems like forever since we patched the live game, but it really hasn’t been a long-long time.  With the smallish staff that we have, I actually think we did an decent […]

Terrain and More Terrain

hchris asked me what we were doing with Grome exactly so I thought I might opine about it in this post. Grome is a pretty robust terrain generator and editor.  As a matter of fact, Epic has integrated it for their Unreal3 clients.  It’s very intuitive once you learn the UI and the toolset.  When […]

Yes this again.

Just to remind you guys, and for you to spread the word to anyone that gives a shit, I am on Twitter. My goal for the month of October is to reach 50 followers. Surely there are 50 folks on the OT forums or in the Barracks that follow twitter and can hit that little […]