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Americans are coming…or they have come..oh whatever.

After years and years of trying to champion the cause of Americans in WWIIOL, we finally have them.   In a limited fashion, but they are there, running around, all up in your kitchens.  Right now they are featured in the “Rapid Assault” version of the game.  Time will only tell how far they may […]

OMG! I need followers!

In this day and age of social media, your importance and measure of your success in a given industry seems to be how many bloody followers you can accumulate.   So I guess, in the grand scheme of things, I am very unimportant in the game biz.   I have nine dedicated followers…a few of […]

The End of May…

I’m really not good at this am I?   January was my last post, holy hell. Lot’s of stuff going on here at work, especially since our 10th anniversary is coming up in June.  I finished a T-Shirt design to commemorate the occasion…well actually two different designs; one axis, one allied.   If we don’t […]

Left 5 Dead

Are you a Left 4 Dead, zombie killin’ freak?  Then you might enjoy this photo salute to the game.  Very cool stuff.  Done by the team that made the “Night Zero” photographic novel, the HDR is spot on for recreating the look and feel of the game itself.

Here Comes That Phase Again

Well, I have caught the bug once again, to learn a little scripting.   I loaded UnrealEd, found some old video tutorials, and dove right in.  I know it’s not “scripting” but I also downloaded Visual C# Studio Express and started messing with that as well.  I’ll give it another couple of weeks before I come […]