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Bettie Page gone at 85

Well it’s sad but inevitable…Bettie Page, one of the worlds most photographed women of the 50’s died yesterday after suffering a heart attack and slipping into a coma.  She’s up in front of the big camera now, rest in peace Bettie.  (Thanks to babydoc for the heads up).

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art Class

There’s a new sketch club in town, and it’s pretty cool.  Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art Class is an exercise in live model sketching and free styling, relaxed artistic expression.  The first one was held on October 4th,  and the next one will be November 2nd.  I will be there along with ex-Playnet artist, Rafael “Animal”.  It […]

Why Flagship Sunk

1up has a pretty good interview with Bill Roper about the demise of Flagship and the prognosis for Hellgate and Mythos.   If you are in the game industry, it might not be that interesting to you, but if you are not, some of the behind the scenes reasoning behind decisions that baffle a lot of […]

Is this Poser a “Poser”

Courtesy of Kotaku, Playboy Cybergirl of the Year Jo Garcia claims to be a gamer.  I dunno if she is or not, but even with the heavily airbrushed pics, she is hawt.  So she can be a gamer if she wants to be.

But You Traced It!

This is simply wow. VideoTrace let’s you take a video, trace an object from the video, and it will generate a 3d model. Watch the video of it in use and you’ll see how cool it is. This tool would and could be very useful in not only the gaming industry, but post production video […]