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Lum’s Take on PvP

When I first saw this, the only thing that popped in my head is “here we go again, Lum the illuminary (heh like that) on all things PvP”.  After reading, I have to say that I agree with about 90% of what the old-boy scribed.   I can’t believe I said that. Only one thing I […]


Thanks to Reyen for posting this in OT.  I’ve never seen it before so if it’s old…too bad!   Reminds me of Animal. Offensive Drawings? Sorry, for some fucked up reason, WordPress doesn’t allow you to embed Youtube videos…UNLESS you let them host your blog.

DBD…..I wonder

Asshole Driven Development Big props to rickb for sending this out. I find it funny as it is true in so many ways. I enjoyed trying to figure out if Playnet/CRS can be categorized with any of the mentioned methods. I would have to say that we just might fit the DBD or Development by […]

Cobra Kai!

Bloo posted a No More Kings video….if you are fan of the Karate Kid, the 80’s or Ralph Macchio, or if you like to make fun of all that shit, then check it out.


Gamecock Media group launched Monday.  The group, based in Austin, is headed up by industry vets: Mike Wilson and Harry Miller and is focused on giving all of you(us) indie developers a shot at the big time. Well, I sure hope it pans out.  With the emergence of digital distribution and all of these big names […]