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Well now…

It’s been a good 6 months since Playnet was gutted, and I’m still pounding the pavement looking for work as an artist.   Part of this dilemma is my fault, not keeping up with current trends and tools for art in the industry.   I’ve been getting shit done around the house, working on updating […]

No Easy Button

With the emergence of art houses specializing in game art content creation, more refined art programs and software that seems to just “do things”, it gets harder and harder to explain that there is no “easy button” for creating art.  Art is very subjective, and because of that, it seems either everyone is an artist, […]

Yes this again.

Just to remind you guys, and for you to spread the word to anyone that gives a shit, I am on Twitter. My goal for the month of October is to reach 50 followers. Surely there are 50 folks on the OT forums or in the Barracks that follow twitter and can hit that little […]

E3 Nerdgasm!

Oh my….been checking out all of the cool news coming out of Cali from E3….I don’t know if I will have enough time this year and early next for it all.  Oh, and here at Playnet, we had our anniversary announcement.   Let’s just say it met with mixed reviews.  I’ve heard both sides of […]

More Cool Stuff

Man, there is a bunch I would love to blab about, but just can’t.  Been working a lot here at the Cornered Rat place, but still more to be done.   If you didn’t know, our 10th anniversary is on June 6th.  You guys should go check out our t-shirts celebrating the event (my designs […]