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New Year…Happy 2011

Well it’s a new year folks…let’s hope it’s a good one. So I recently got into the RIFT beta…probably the same time most everyone else did who was interested.  I have to say, more of the same ol’ shit.  It’s not a bad game, but I have played it before…from the planar rift stuff (WAR’s […]

December Already

Man time flies.  Seems like I was just celebrating my birthday (back in April) and now it’s Santa’s turn.  Oh well…the clock keeps ticking. So as you all probably already know and have known, I finally got my way and we are redoing the third person infantry portion of the game.  Like pulling teeth my […]


anyone even want this thing up anymore? I fell off the wagon as far as thing is concerned, just not sure if anyone even read it.   I know a couple always checked it for WWIIOL updates, but sometimes that is not even possible.

Programming can be fun?

Although I am not doing any of that, just scripting, Oliver (KFS1-one whatever) just got done throwing together a little app that allows us to search the project for duplicate file names.  I am sure I am over-simplifying the description, but it is handy and will be a great time saver when (and if) we […]

Unreal is…well unreal.

So lately, I have been spending my spare time back in JEdit and UncodeX trying to learn classes, sub-classes, functions, arrays and other such things in order to get basic functionality within UDK (Unreal Dev Kit).  It’s fun, but frustrating.  I am an artist after all and things that contain variables and strings just confuse […]