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Everyone’s an Artist

So the more I delve into the exciting and mysterious realm of freelancing, the more I discover that good, professional artist just get zero respect.  Most of the time, folks are interesting in getting work done for next to nothing (usually equates to around $5 an hour) or on spec (meaning you get paid if […]

Max Attacks!

So before I left for the holiday break, 3d Studio decided to start acting up on me.  It would go through the loading process and then crash.  I tried everything, uninstall, reinstall, registry clean, etc and it still would crash when loading.    Well, Max stores some config and ini files in your documents and settings […]

Video Sucks

Let me clarify: video that has me featured in it blows chunks. No wonder Ramp has never watched his little video blog debut. I now see why. I just finished Rafter’s silly newsletter video blog or whatever the fuck it is, and I must say….scripts are the devil. If he had just interviewed me and […]

Another Example

Thanks to fonos for pointing this out. It appears that WWIIOL was not the first MMO WWII FPS to market….oh no. According to Freechal, it will be War2. WTF?! Another perfect example of what I talked about in the previous posting. This is 1Up regurgitating this, not some fly-by-night website.  Remember, 1Up brings you the […]

When You’re Not in the Know

I’m not sure if any of you know anything about or care about the recent “parting of the ways” between Mythic/EA and Sanya Weathers, but the circumstance brings up a rant from me that you will have to endure if you choose to read it. Sanya was the “Director of Community Relations” for Mythic in […]