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After waiting about 6 hours for him, the service tech managed to fix my connectivity problem.  Apparently, Charter has no issues with slapping on bad frequency filters to input lines to block everything to your house.  Filter gone, internet back. On a different note; as I sat and waited yesterday, I was flipping through some […]


My internet service at my house has been down since Friday.  I guess I am addicted to it or something.  I kept unplugging and plugging the modem in hopes that it would magically reset the modem and everything would be fine.   Needless to say, it didn’t work. After long hours on the phone with what […]

Pining for W.A.R.

I recently got suckered back into playing EQ2 with KFsone, Ramp and Granik.  I have recently cancelled my WoW subscription and gave up on having fun in EVE. I like MMOGs…I like them a lot, but nothing has ever came close to capturing that magic that I had when I fired up my very first […]

Wasted Weekend

What a horrible weekend.  Old Mr. Flu decided to invade our household on Thursday and damn near bed rid the entire familia.  I hate being sick (like anyone enjoys it), but this weekend was the worst timing.   The Dallas Cowboys were playing in the NFC wildcard game and I wanted to exert all of my […]