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OMG! I need followers!

In this day and age of social media, your importance and measure of your success in a given industry seems to be how many bloody followers you can accumulate.   So I guess, in the grand scheme of things, I am very unimportant in the game biz.   I have nine dedicated followers…a few of […]

Jaeger..NOT Krieger

In an earlier post, I mentioned being alone with Krieger….well…although that might sound really romantic, it was actually Jaeger and not Krieger….Krieger is still a happy camper over at Gearbox Software.   Sorry Mike…..let’s go have a beer or something.

AGDC – My Take

Sorry I took a couple of days before posting it, but I’ve felt like complete shit for two days now. Someone must have been passing some “bug” around at the conference. The conference was fun, and a little informative. I ran into a few old co-workers and friends which always makes it a bit more […]

Cobra Kai!

Bloo posted a No More Kings video….if you are fan of the Karate Kid, the 80’s or Ralph Macchio, or if you like to make fun of all that shit, then check it out.

My Con Postmortem

Wow… Long weekend starting on Thursday during the day. MtrMouth started the weekend off on the wrong foot by calling me her grandpa. That didn’t score you any extra points sweetheart. Wait until you see your avatar. Some of us had lunch with a few of the con goers who had made their way to […]