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Biped Rigging 101

I started a biped rigging course through today.  It’s an eight week, online course taught by Paul Hormis.  His resume includes stints with Blizzard and their cinematic department and Blur Studios. It looks to be some remedial learning for me in the first couple of weeks, but I am hoping to learn some new […]

Attach It Granny!

Ramp and I have been working on getting a bit more out of Granny then we have done in the past.  From what I hear, Granny is a pretty robust animation system, plus it works pretty well as a data exporter.  Playnet has primarily used it for the animation system, so we have concentrated on […]


So, as some of you might know, I have been doing either MOD work or commercial game art work for the last 10 years.  In all of that time, I have never had to export any of it to a .x (DirectX) format.   So I’m helping a friend out with some stuff and he needs […]


Gamecock Media group launched Monday.  The group, based in Austin, is headed up by industry vets: Mike Wilson and Harry Miller and is focused on giving all of you(us) indie developers a shot at the big time. Well, I sure hope it pans out.  With the emergence of digital distribution and all of these big names […]

Keith Parkinson Tribute

SOE and SIGIL announced “The Masters of Fantasy Art – A Tribute to Keith Parkinson” art tour to 5 major cities this year.  I am a fan of Parkinson’s work even before he started working in the video game industry.  He did a lot of the EQ1 art and was art director for Vanguard until […]