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Lil’ Update

In case any of you are interested, I did a little bit more work on my Weadling character in Mudbox. I added some more definition (still needs some), added arm wraps and worked on his face some (around the eyes mostly).  

Some Quick Renders

I finally got around to doing a couple of renders of what I have been working on in Mudbox.  He’s still not complete, but I am pretty happy with his legs and abdomen..the head is coming along nicely as well. He still needs some work though, more definition in the arms, pecs and back…I will […]

Python? WTF Am I Doing?

I finished my low-poly, base level “weadling” to use in my trial version of Mudbox last night.  I am enjoying Mudbox a lot more then I do ZBrush.  It just seems easier to pick up.  I’m sure it’s not as robust as ZBrush but it allows me to get in there and be creative a […]

Week 2: Give Me Your Digits!

Well, we are on week 2 of the rigging class.   This week we set up the biped in the fingers and toes.  Nothing too radical yet…. This lesson reminded me that Biped’s toe links are set up for a character wearing some sort of shoe, and not for actual toes.   So all you riggers out […]

For the Emperor!

Games Workshop and THQ have hinted several times about a MMOG based on the Warhammer: 40K universe.  How fucking sweet.   Recently, they struck a deal to extend the licensing agreement between the two, and now word is out that they have a developer in place to produce the MMO.  Vigil Games will be working on […]