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Week 6

Almost finished with the Paul Hormis class for character rigging using 3D Studio Max. Next week I’ll be learning the goodness of Absolute Character Tools (ACT). I’m actually a week behind because of the work here at Playnet, but the classes aren’t too tough and Paul is pretty good at explaining stuff…so it goes quick. […]

Another Day Older…

Yeah, you know the rest.  My wife and I celebrated my 42nd birthday on Sunday.  My granddaughter celebrated her 6th birthday on Saturday……*sigh* . I just can’t believe I’m 42.  It seems like yesterday that I was partying my brains out before I went into the Army.  Time sure flies.

Landscape Changing?

I just read an article about Sony Entertainment Europe cutting 160 jobs.  The reason was due to their belief that the market is changing, and with the advent and popularity of digital distribution, most of these jobs were redundant. Well, I hate to hear about folks losing their jobs, and I hope they all land on their […]

Kill a Rat: Day 1

Hmmm, that was interesting.  Rafter was supposed to lead us, and ended up taking a LMG and pretty much left us on our own.  Ramp did the majority of the contact reports and directing. No matter,  I was killed 10 times, and only managed 2 kills myself.  My frame rate wasn’t too great in the […]

Bethesda Buys Fallout IP

Yep, it seems they purchased the IP from Interplay, only to license it back to them so they can make Fallout: MMOG (or FOOL, what the folks over at No Mutants Allowed like to call it). Make sure and read the “deal”….I give this project about a 5% chance of ever seeing the light of […]