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Specular You Biatches

After years of not having anything, last year Martini was able to enable normal mapping in Unity. At first we were just using them on buildings and other static world objects. We were having an issue with Granny and support for deformable tangent vectors, but that has since been cleared up and now we have […]

My Con Postmortem

Wow… Long weekend starting on Thursday during the day. MtrMouth started the weekend off on the wrong foot by calling me her grandpa. That didn’t score you any extra points sweetheart. Wait until you see your avatar. Some of us had lunch with a few of the con goers who had made their way to […]


Hope it was worth it. LOL! The French Brandt, not textured, but rigged and ready to animate.  I left off the cable that stabilizes the bipod and I assume, helps set elevation.  That thing would be a nightmare to rig.  Not impossible, but difficult. I don’t have a lot of time to meet this schedule.

Sigil Parking Lot Fiasco

Today I read over on that Sigil had called a meeting out in the parking lot of their offices and fired a lot of folks. If it’s true, that’s truly fucked up. I keep hearing that it shouldn’t have been a big surprise since their recently released entry into the MMOG genre; Vanguard had […]

Random Shit

Hey gang! Went to go see 28 Weeks Later this weekend. Overall it was an ok movie. The first one is still better. The more movies I see, the more I hate the “shakey cam” school of film making. Learn to fucking choreograph an action scene you nimrods. I also caught a really bad Sci-Fi […]