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I really hate being late…..on a schedule that is. I do have an excuse though…I was truly ill from Saturday until Tuesday morning with what appeared to be a “stomach virus”. That was no fun, as I am sure you may all know. No need to go into details. Then my wife seemed to have […]

Fire in the Office Today

Well, not really… seems an air conditioning blower burned up and caused a lot of smoke. Enough to fill up our offices and have the Bedford Fire Department evacuate the building. Only for a couple of hours though.  So much for getting out of doing stowed mortar models and going to watch “Live Free or […]

DBD…..I wonder

Asshole Driven Development Big props to rickb for sending this out. I find it funny as it is true in so many ways. I enjoyed trying to figure out if Playnet/CRS can be categorized with any of the mentioned methods. I would have to say that we just might fit the DBD or Development by […]

Cobra Kai!

Bloo posted a No More Kings video….if you are fan of the Karate Kid, the 80’s or Ralph Macchio, or if you like to make fun of all that shit, then check it out.

Fathers Day

If you didn’t know, yesterday was Fathers Day. I had a good one. My kids chipped in and got me a new set of irons (golf), and for some reason, my wife got me a new carrying bag. She shouldn’t have gotten me anything, since technically, she isn’t a child of mine. Maybe it’s just […]