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Video Sucks

Let me clarify: video that has me featured in it blows chunks. No wonder Ramp has never watched his little video blog debut. I now see why. I just finished Rafter’s silly newsletter video blog or whatever the fuck it is, and I must say….scripts are the devil. If he had just interviewed me and […]

Limited Options

After finishing the modeling of the mortars, I moved on to generating the needed animations to get them into the game. With every addition of a new weapon to WWIIOL, I am reminded of the limitations we must endure to implement one. A good example are the mortars. Because of the way we have our […]

MMOG Grind?

The Hollywood Reporter has posted a pretty good article about the stagnant game design of current MMOGs.  Pretty good because it reiterates what some of us have said for a long fucking time.   I’m waiting for some one to take that risk though and develop something innovative to prove the points in the article.