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New Aid

My copy of Mudbox Advanced Concepts by Wayne Robson came in earlier this week, and I got a chance to take my first look at it last night. If any of you are trying to teach yourself Mudbox, I would suggest this DVD.  Hell, not only that one but Wayne’s first one too, Mudbox A […]

Back from Hell

Nah, I kid…a little. Got back from El Paso on Sunday night to find that my freezer had quit working some time during my absence. So me and my wife spent the evening cleaning instead of relaxing. Not my idea of fun. At work, I was greeted by the delivery of my new monitor. It […]


Now that the mortars are in open beta and will be going live soon, it’s time to start planning the next phase. Right now, I have to replace the hard drive in my work box. It’s like a 20G drive (C: drive), and my page file is killing performance….no space left for Windows to abuse. […]

Fingers Bleeding?

My guitar came in..nothing fancy…cheap “low end” one.  Now I’m searching the internet for some basic beginners lessons.  Farking C Major chord hard one for me to get my fingers to do.  I can tell I’m going to suck at this.

Classic Buscema

With the upcoming release of Age of Conan, some rumor about a new Conan movie (I hear it might be animated), and the recently released Conan graphic novels (which I recommend highly)…I came across the Official Site for John Buscema. To me, that guy defined Conan. His sequential art style set the tone for Howard’s […]