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Patch Bliss

Well, bliss for the players at least.   The patch is going up and things are all aglow here at Rat central.  My portion, the mortars have been done for a time now, but I am sure there will be some issues, even after weeks of closed BETA testing.  I’m sure you don’t need me to […]

What? Where is the Cool Art Stuff?

I was going over the lecture schedule for AGDC this year, trying to plan out what I was going to attend during the 3 day ordeal, when I noticed that there is not much (read: nothing) in the way of art related material (a fact that Granik had pointed out to me about 3 weeks […]

Fresh on the Heels…

Of yesterday’s posting about gamers starting to become cool, I give you this tidbit from : With this click, I thee wed  One step forward….  nah, I am just kidding.  Good for them. Hey, wouldn’t that be something if two of our WWIIOL players got married at our con, and in the game?!   […]

Is the Worm Turning?

Is it starting to become “cool” to be a geek’d out gamer? I dunno…signs point to yes though I think. GameDaily Biz has an article about a study that shows gamers are actually a social lot. Yep. That long lasting relationships can be forged through the tireless hours spent playing your favorite MMOG…er RPG. In […]

New Looks for Tired Site

I finally started working on a new layout, new look for my two online portfolios: and I have nothing up at the latter and the former one has too many old pieces on it. The new design will look considerably different, and I am working on some new pieces to display. I plan […]