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Woot.  Looks like we are going to spend a little time evaluating this animation system.   It would be a Granny replacement, cheaper (I hear), better documentation, and a bit more robust.  Obviously, we wouldn’t use it for our current iteration of WWIIOL because our license is already paid, but for any future projects, it might […]


Thanks to Reyen for posting this in OT.  I’ve never seen it before so if it’s old…too bad!   Reminds me of Animal. Offensive Drawings? Sorry, for some fucked up reason, WordPress doesn’t allow you to embed Youtube videos…UNLESS you let them host your blog.

Modo 301 Hell Yes

Luxology just released version 301 for their up and coming 3d modeling software; MODO. The best new feature has to be Sculpting. Their built-in subdivision surface modeling tool is very slick and fun to play with. They have built in vertex paint tools, and their renderer is pretty good (although for game stuff, I don’t […]

AGDC – My Take

Sorry I took a couple of days before posting it, but I’ve felt like complete shit for two days now. Someone must have been passing some “bug” around at the conference. The conference was fun, and a little informative. I ran into a few old co-workers and friends which always makes it a bit more […]

AGDC – The Return

Just got back from the Austin Game Dev Conference.  All in all, a pretty good time.  I’m unpacking, checking my back-up’d emails, and then I’ll post a little experience overview either tonight or tomorrow (let’s be honest; probably tomorrow).  For those of you that come to see the chick pix, that will be with the […]