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Sketch Theatre

Thanks to Rafael for sending me this cool little site.  It’s called Sketch Theatre that features various artist while they sketch.  If you are into art, you should find it interesting. Sketch Theatre

The Bane

So I am trying out a little Tabula Rasa beta and I have to say that it’s kinda fun.  It’s fun with a buddy or two.  I haven’t really done a lot of soloing, but the group stuff is cool.  I like how the mob spawns are done, I kind of like the story, and […]

“Hiya Hun” Give Me Gold

It appears that Shanda has frozen accounts belonging to male players “masquerading” as female avatars!  The horror!  According to the article over at Destructoid, any male playing King of the World will not be allowed to play a female toon.  All female avatars will have to prove their gender via webcam in order to keep […]

A Good Weekend

Man, I had a pretty good weekend as far as sports goes. My K-State Wildcats kicked the crap out of the Longhorns on Saturday, in Austin.  Have I mentioned I do not like the Longhorns?  The US won the President’s Cup in spite of Woods’ poor performance on Sunday  in singles matches.   The Cowboys went […]