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Happy New Year

I wanted to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Show Off?

I’m going to get off the beaten path today and talk about a game; not our game but a game nonetheless. As everyone knows, I am a Dallas Cowboys fan. Yesterday’s game against the arch rival, Eagles pissed me off. One of the worst showings by the Cowboys offense in a long time. Romo lead […]

Lum’s Take on PvP

When I first saw this, the only thing that popped in my head is “here we go again, Lum the illuminary (heh like that) on all things PvP”.  After reading, I have to say that I agree with about 90% of what the old-boy scribed.   I can’t believe I said that. Only one thing I […]

Is Beta Testing, Testing?

Of course it’s not! It hasn’t been that way for a while now. Gamasutra posted an article with some of Mr. Garriott’s reflections on things concerning Tabula Rasa. Lot’s on interesting retrospectives, but he did admit that letting too many folks into the “beta” test hurt the game in the long run. The game wasn’t […]