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Decent Monday

Killer just handed me a copy of 3ds Max 2008.  The copy we were supposed to get back in October of last year.  Damn Autodesk.  I guess we just don’t rate with them as far as game developers go. I just hope Granny works with it.

But You Traced It!

This is simply wow. VideoTrace let’s you take a video, trace an object from the video, and it will generate a 3d model. Watch the video of it in use and you’ll see how cool it is. This tool would and could be very useful in not only the gaming industry, but post production video […]


Rafter sent this to me, it’s a high end facial animation solution that was used by Rockstar. Image Metrics These are the kinds of things that get me really excited about working in computer graphics.  It is just amazing what you will be able to do with computer generated talent in the future.  It’s not […]

Max Attacks!

So before I left for the holiday break, 3d Studio decided to start acting up on me.  It would go through the loading process and then crash.  I tried everything, uninstall, reinstall, registry clean, etc and it still would crash when loading.    Well, Max stores some config and ini files in your documents and settings […]