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Craziness I Tell Ya!

After months of thinking about it, I decided to take on a personal project of mine.  I decided I wanted to create a little Mod for UT3, and I wanted to teach myself UnReal Script at the same time.  Now, what a juggling act this will be.  Let’s see: a total revisit of in game […]

Flight Studio

I’m not sure how many of you out there actually use Multigen Creator, but if you do and you have issues with it’s texturing tools, it’s modeling tools, and would rather use a good 3d program like MAX…there is hope. Thanks to our newest art intern, Joshua, we might have an alternative to Creator.  It’s […]

Rock’d Out for Real.

A follow up to my previous post.  It seems someone decided to make that “game” that I find a whole more interesting:  Guitar Rising This one actually lets you use any REAL guitar , plug it into your soundcard, and go.   I will be checking this out.

Rock’d Out

About 3 weeks ago I broke down and bought Rock Band for my 360.  I played it quite a bit, started a female guitarist, and got to hard level on a lot of the songs….but now I am losing interest.  Playing the same songs over and over again is starting to wear on me.  All […]