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Another Great Loss

By now, I am sure you have heard of the passing of the father of modern pen and paper RPGs…Gary Gygax.   Yesterday, the illustration world…nay the art world lost a very talented member:  Dave Stevens.  Best known for his Bettie Page renders, he was one of the best modern pinup artist in circulation.  Apparently he […]


I’m making pretty good progress with the UnRealEd3.  My test map is coming along, nicely…I have use triggers in and working, dynamic lighting, sound triggers, and objectives.  After a couple of weeks of messing with it, I feel pretty comfortable with the tool and all of it’s related tools. Replacing weapons doesn’t seem too difficult, […]


So work is coming along. I am currently helping Granik remove world objects that contain alpha colliders in them. What a pain in the ass. I’m working on that huge monstrosity of a cube we call one of our urban block buildings. I basically had to rebuild it. Rebuild as in LOD1, LOD2, DamageObject1, DamageObject2, […]