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Endorphin…I am Scared.

Looks like we may want to re-evaluate Endorphin.  I’m a little scared because the last time I tried to do that, I got laid off.  Natural Motion and I don’t get along.  It would be nice though to be able to use Endorphin for animation generation, and Euphoria at runtime…but I’m not sure we could […]

Well…Tomorrow then.

After almost three years, I may finally get that new work box.  Gophur put together two new rigs for the Art Department (yep..TWO, that’s the whole art department).  Nice rigs for the money.  One problem; no serial bus.  You may ask what do we need a serial port for?  Well you see, we have this […]

Rock Chalk Jayhawk…..KU!

Kansas won the National Championship last night, in one of the best college basketball games I have seen all year.  Memphis just proved that fundamentals are still important.

Not a Cintiq…but still Good.

So with my birthday fast approaching, my wife was generous enough to ask me what I wanted as a gift.  I promptly directed her towards Wacom’s web presence and pointed to a 21″ Cintiq.  Well that didn’t go over very well.  So I am going to settle for a Intuos 3 9×11 with a 6D […]

Free Flight Studio…Kind of.

Autodesk is now shipping the latest version of 3d Studio this week; Max 2009.  Yeah I know, it seems like it was just yesterday that we received 2008.  Oh well, we’ll take it.  That’s what your service contract is for. What’s really interesting is that Autodesk integrated Flight Studio into 2009.  Nice bonus for us, […]