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Back from the Rio Grande

Yeah, got back on Sunday from ol’ El Paso.  With all due respect to anyone living there, and my wife’s family of course, that place sucks balls.  I really don’t like it.  It’s too hot…there is no vegetation aside from the occasional palm tree.  Lot’s of people and too much traffic.  Besides, it takes 9 […]

Back to Buildings….blech!

I finished Rafter’s little project up today and hopefully I can show it to you all next week.  Man, it was a blast.  Something I really like doing and a nice change of pace from buildings.   Now the fun is over and it’s back to my duties as a production artist.  Hey, it’s better then […]

Is this Poser a “Poser”

Courtesy of Kotaku, Playboy Cybergirl of the Year Jo Garcia claims to be a gamer.  I dunno if she is or not, but even with the heavily airbrushed pics, she is hawt.  So she can be a gamer if she wants to be.

Age of Memory Leaks

Recently, I got into the Fileplanet/Funcom “Open Beta” of Age of Conan.  Even though the client download was 16G, I was excited about trying this out.  With the action oriented melee combat system, mounted combat, and guild cities and related pvp, I believe I will be playing this game for a while.  It’s bloody, violent, […]