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Why Flagship Sunk

1up has a pretty good interview with Bill Roper about the demise of Flagship and the prognosis for Hellgate and Mythos.   If you are in the game industry, it might not be that interesting to you, but if you are not, some of the behind the scenes reasoning behind decisions that baffle a lot of […]


So I finally fixed the material issue I was having with the new munitions building.  Turns out I had to duplicate the material in MAX and assign the new one to the trouble objects.  It all works in the game now…..WHY?!   I wish I could use MODO.  Now I can move on to the exciting […]

Hardknocks and Materials

Hardknocks debuted last night….awesome.  Cowboys training camp for the win.   Every Weds., so make sure to check it out. At work, I am having a helluva time with two materials associated with the new munitions building.  They show up fine until I export them and load them in the game.  Then the objects with those […]

Wow…a Month!

A frickin month has passed since I posted anything here, and amazingly, nothing much has happened since then.   I finished the munitions building, I did a couple of faces for Motor, drew up a rough proposal document to get a complete redo of the third person infantry rolling, and bought my pass for this years […]