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After watching those painful (some are humorous) MAC commercials with that tragically hip boyfriend to Drew Barrymore, and the nerdy, pudgy pocket protector wearing “loser”, PC (Microsoft) finally strikes back with a commercial of their own.  I guess it’s their Life Without Walls campaign.  Not as funny as the MAC ones, but a little more […]

Jaeger..NOT Krieger

In an earlier post, I mentioned being alone with Krieger….well…although that might sound really romantic, it was actually Jaeger and not Krieger….Krieger is still a happy camper over at Gearbox Software.   Sorry Mike…..let’s go have a beer or something.

The Making of MGS4

Softimage posted a pretty cool article showing the steps to making of Metal Gear Solid 4 using XSI.  Worth a look if you are interested in how one company goes from storyboard to video game.

Alone but just fine.

Well, with a goodly portion of the CRS crew away from the office today (and most of the week), I find myself sitting here, with only Ramp and Krieger to make fun of.  AGDC started today, but tonight is the big home opener for the Cowboys on MNF.  Go Cowboys!  I’ll be there. Targets and […]

Ensemble Down!

Wow..what is it with Microsoft Game Studios and the dev companies under them?  That is two studios shut down after a major release or pending release.  If you haven’t heard, MSG is shutting down Ensemble.  Apparently, they already have let some go, and will maintain a small group of them under the MSG name in […]