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I wanted to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving….a little early I know but so what.  I’ll be at the Cowboys game, while my granddaughter gets to meet her “idols” the Jonas Brothers.  Well at least she is excited. Moved on from the hulks, and I’m working on the last couple of things for the new […]


Trying to finish up a hulk or two for the new rifle range and indirect fire range for the training area and tutorials.  Turning a flt vehicle into a static object in MAX is a pain in the ass.  Not hard, just a pain. All kinds of concurrent vertices, backfacing polys, re-texturing involved.  Tedious.  It’s […]


Today I was reading up on some Gears of War 2 in the forums (their forums), and I noticed a post by GoGoPrincess.  She had made a wallpaper of herself, with an xbox controller and the Gears of War emblem/logo.  She looked….interesting, so I followed another link to her site. A hawt GoW player!  And […]