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What a crappy Sunday

Only because the Cowboys forgot to show up for their 3:15 game against the Eagles.  Embarrassing I tell ya. Monday morning came along and I have about 3 days with the short week again, to get this tank and vehicle training course completed.  It’s about 40% complete now and with some of the static objects […]

Christmas Demand

For those of you that inquired…

Merry Christmas

To all of you that spawn camped me during the “Kill A Rat” event yesterday, I hope you get big lumps of coal in your stockings tonight.   I have to admit it was a blast watching the magic bombs drop on those folks that camped the mobile spawn points.   Shame on you….don’t you have any […]

Tank course by Jan. 15th

Holy crap…Gophur blind sided me with that yesterday.  I barely finished the rifle range and indirect/grenade range and he comes into the office and tells me that the tank training course has to be complete by the 15th of January.  I wish he would have told me that a little sooner.   Afterall, the rifle range […]

Bettie Page gone at 85

Well it’s sad but inevitable…Bettie Page, one of the worlds most photographed women of the 50’s died yesterday after suffering a heart attack and slipping into a coma.  She’s up in front of the big camera now, rest in peace Bettie.  (Thanks to babydoc for the heads up).