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Our AI and RE:5 Demo

So I downloaded the Resident Evil 5 demo last night and Granik and I played through the 2 maps available in it.   It was ok but I found the controls a bit sluggish and overall gameplay not very intuitive.  The art is excellent though!  I’ll have to play it some more to see if I […]

Awesome Cake

Hey what could be better then food and art?  Well, CAKE and art, that’s what.  Check out this geek’s wet dream for a birthday cake, complete with D20. Mike’s Amazing Cakes is truly amazing.  I wonder if they could do Frazetta’s Death Dealer in a lemon flavor?

Uh Oh.

So we have some VIP type folks in the office today, something we were told yesterday and I was asked to show up before 9am.  I totally forgot about it this morning and ended up strolling in at 9:15.  Crap.   Jim is a little intimidated by my nose and it’s alien growth that I acquired […]