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Instancing and why

So if you haven’t already heard, we are trying out a new technique for populating un-populated areas in our game world.  It’s not new to the industry I am sure, but it sure is new to us.  Object instancing.  The idea is to help with memory management and performance. Oh yeah, fun stuff there.  The […]

Tired of this Gas…

Station.  Arrrgh.  So does anyone have a REAL idea of what a 1940’s gas station would have inside?  Oil cans, rags, belts, hoses?  Doesn’t really matter, I think I am just going to put some damn generic boxes in the thing and call it done.  If I try and model hoses, I will get some […]


Well shit.  I completely forgot about this place.  I suck.  Oh well, I will get back to updates for the few of you who still come and visit me. My son got married, we had a blast in California.  I still wouldn’t want to live there, but the beaches are nice, and some of the […]