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Merry Christmas

Wow..busy week.  Last night me and my wife went to her Christmas Party; free food, free drinks, live band, and got to watch Wade Phillips line dance.  That’s win right there.  Also got a peak at Romo’s new girlfriend who, yes you guessed it, is blonde. Today I’m checking the AT Gun Pit back into […]

What a Scam

Well the “rest of the week off” thing turned out to be….well….not true.  Everyone is running around like chickens with their heads cut off today. It looks like the atgunpit1 is going to need a little more work.  It amazes me how a “dress up” of an existing art asset can turn into a complete […]

Urbans Yeah

So Gophur tells me and Jeremy, as soon as we finish the urbans, we can take the rest of the week off.  I wonder if he will stick by it. 🙂 I got my 64bit version of Windows 7 installed on my home box (thanks Gophur), I got my new Wacom hooked up, all of […]

Redoing Redoings

Babble yeah I get it.  With some new code going in to BE we artists (Jeremy and I) find ourselves having to make some changes to a lot of the buildings and structures we have been working on over the course of this latest patch.  Some are small, some not so, but in the end […]

Painting With Fire

I got my collectors edition, 2 DVD set of the documentary: “Frazetta Painting With Fire” in last week, so I watched it this weekend. I had already seen it twice before, but it always sparks a small inspirational flame in me to do some good old fashioned illustration afterward. If you have never heard of […]