After watching those painful (some are humorous) MAC commercials with that tragically hip boyfriend to Drew Barrymore, and the nerdy, pudgy pocket protector wearing “loser”, PC (Microsoft) finally strikes back with a commercial of their own.  I guess it’s their Life Without Walls campaign.  Not as funny as the MAC ones, but a little more true to life.   Yeah a couple of the statements are corn-ballish, but at least they are doing something.   I really don’t care for Apple if you haven’t figured it out.

I just caught the commercial this weekend, while watching the Americans win back the Ryder Cup, and then the Cowboys taking care of the Packers at Lambeau.  It was a pretty good sports weekend all in all.

On the work front, I’m making some progress with the training area reworks.  I can’t believe we use ONE 128×128 texture for an entire octet. Holy crap what were we thinking. 😛

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  1. Comment by cid250 | 09/23/08 at 1:28 pm

    The training area rework it’s may be the most important feature for new customers.
    Will be nice to include a WWII look… since our current design looks like a modern training facility.

    Trenchs, barbed wire, craters, some urban terrain (for posible future tutorials about Urban combat), a small forest, hills & slopes, etc…

    Consider all the posibilities of WWII ground warfare… we never will know how many tutorials can we build over those terrain areas… even the posibility of small engagements for n00bs, (instanced battles) before joining to the live campaign.

    Eyecandy is also a factor.

  2. Comment by mwhitman | 09/23/08 at 3:26 pm

    Glad to see someone watched the Ryder Cup. I expected to see many threads in the forums about it but it seamed to hardly get a mention.

    The first 2 days where just great sport. Some amazing golf played. However the final day had an air of inevibility about it. I think Faldo messed up with his order. Being 2 behind we needed to get off to a great start and win some points and put the pressure back on the Americans.
    We totaly failed to do that, and despite being in good positions in the later matches they soon became totaly redundant.

    Anyway, it was 3 days of great sport to watch.

    And as for Dallas, first win at Lambeau, well it was only your 6th visit there, and you had beaten them 3 times when they played their home games elsewhere. However, it was a good road win.

    Not convinced Dallas is a Superbowl wining team, but at least you have a shot of making teh Championship game, unlike Green Bay who look very average.

  3. Comment by Toto | 09/23/08 at 3:57 pm

    cid: yeah, we want to spruce it up a bit, but we are under a pretty tight schedule, so we are a little limited in what we can actually do.

    mwhitman: Hell yeah I watched the Ryder Cup. I have to say that Faldo not bringing Darren Clark with him, hurt him. That guy is awesome in foursome play.

    Azinger hurt himself by breaking up the Mickelson/Kim team on Sat. afternoon 4-ball. I wish Phil would play better in the singles matches though…that’s like 6 straight Cups he performs poorly in during singles play.

  4. Comment by mwhitman | 09/24/08 at 3:50 pm

    Funniest bit of the Ryder Cup had to be Boo’s fans.

    Something VERY funny when they where chanting “boo S A” insted of “U S A”.

    As for Phil, he did play VERY badly. Heck even I could put better than he did & I haven’t played for 15 years!

    Poulter was the best European by a mile all weekend.

    As for the Mickelson/Kim team being split up, coverage over here was saying Kim’s hip was hurting him so they pulled him out of that match to make sure he was alright for later. A decision which was proved to be correct, as he was back to his best on Sunday.

  5. Comment by Toto | 09/25/08 at 8:58 am

    Ah..I didn’t hear about Kim’s hip. Makes sense then.

  6. Comment by JWilly | 09/25/08 at 9:34 pm

    So what will the octet texture size be now?

    The mismatch of texture scale and complexity with superimposed object feature-scale, plus the textures being composed of bland middle tones instead of more naturalistically composed of pointillist absolute black (shadows under leaves, etc.) plus brights (leaves facing the sun, etc.), is why the ground is so wholly unrealistic looking and ground objects are so excessively visible from middle altitude aircraft.

  7. Comment by Randy Kirkland | 11/12/08 at 9:50 pm


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