So You Want to Work in the Game Industry?

Well, it’s not all bad…just aim for an exec position and not one of the worker bees that we have seen can get axed at a moment’s notice.   When companies fall on hard times they cut the production side of things but the suits that run the joint keep collecting bonuses.  Bottom line good, bonus will be good too.

Activision’s Kotick received a whopping $5M in bonus money but I guess it’s hard to argue with the revenue that WoW brings in.

An interesting one on the list was Riccitiello and his $625K in “incentives” after the company posted a $641M loss in Q4 of this fiscal year.  I’m pretty sure EA let go of some people in light of the losses.  Way to go John.

What Game Industry CEO’s Make

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  1. Comment by joker007 | 03/11/09 at 3:41 pm

    I’m always amazed at how people will accept ‘entertainers’ and sports ‘heroes’ making outlandish fees for arguably low benefit to society…but become enraged at businesspeople who make the same/similar amounts. I think its in the DNA of humans.

    “Losses” can be caused by factors that help a business, e.g. purchasing another company sucks out a huge wad of cash at first … but then increases flows of cash into the far future (hopefully).

    “incentives”: Sports figures on a losing team (e.g. Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Reds) may still contribute mightily but not have the back up. Businesspeople have the same issue. What if YOU kicked azz but your boneheaded VP head of another division cratered half of the company?


    Fight for your right …to bonus. Dat’s where you get to be A-Rod and steroidzorzz and STILL keep all your bonus money.

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