Happy 2010!

Hey all.  Happy New Year and all that cool stuff.

Christmas was good, my wife bought me a new guitar and I bought myself a new amp.  Sweet.  I’ve been doodling every day for at least 30 minutes on my new Wacom, and coming up with some lame scribbles.  Maybe I will start posting them here on a weekly basis.

At work we are going through a new terrain build log that gets generated when we…build terrain (heh) and trying to fix nagging issues with place modes, LODs, and other such nonsense.  Oodles of fun.  I’ve been trying to bully Gophur into hooking me and Dekard up with some new dev PCs…thats not turning out so well.  Maybe I will hold his iPhone hostage to get what I want.

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  1. Comment by mwhitman | 01/14/10 at 4:56 pm

    As Gophur says, you could do with 4 or 5 more Rats.
    As that isn’t likely to happen any time soon, the least he can do is to buy those of you currently there the equipment to do your jobs better/quicker.

    Well, you could try that as justification. 🙂

    Looks like 2010 may well be a good year for you afterall. Heck if the Cowboys can win a playoff game, anything must be possible! 🙂

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