Unreal is…well unreal.

So lately, I have been spending my spare time back in JEdit and UncodeX trying to learn classes, sub-classes, functions, arrays and other such things in order to get basic functionality within UDK (Unreal Dev Kit).  It’s fun, but frustrating.  I am an artist after all and things that contain variables and strings just confuse my feeble mind.

I get it that Unreal Script is based on Java and it’s object oriented.  I also understand the Super class or base classes, and sub-classing those.  The thing that eats my lunch, is the syntax.   How in the hell do I put all of that stuff together?  Well, I guess that is what learning is all about.

On the work front, still just working through my TRAC list of bugs and anomalies to fix for 1.31.  So much to do.  I wonder if they will ever let us redo the infantry.  I guess I have to count myself lucky…I have a job.

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  1. Comment by mwhitman | 03/15/10 at 2:37 pm

    Well, the code stuff just takes time to get your head round. But you’ll manage it and the end results should be fun.

    As for a WWIIOL inf redo, I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in posted by certain other Rats, so you never know. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you on that one.

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