Yes this again.

Just to remind you guys, and for you to spread the word to anyone that gives a shit, I am on Twitter. My goal for the month of October is to reach 50 followers. Surely there are 50 folks on the OT forums or in the Barracks that follow twitter and can hit that little green button “follow”?  @gamedude_toto

Anyway, been working hard to learn Grome, the terrain editing software for use with our Rapid Action stuff. It’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it. It can turn out some fantastic terrain if you can sculpt with a paint brush. I’ve also been fixing art bugs directing art traffic and pushing a mech themed RA idea which continually gets turned down.
Handle “Volcol” has been doing some great work for us, he’s reskinning some existing vehicles for us now.

I heard “more Salma” in the last post….so here you are!

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  1. Comment by hchris | 10/17/11 at 4:54 am

    Ahh thanks for Salma, didn’t know this picture yet 🙂

    So you use Grome as your new terrain editor? Why did you decide for this one? Can this also be used to redesign the campaign terrain (in conjunction with some other auto stuff?)

  2. Comment by Toto | 10/18/11 at 10:33 am

    More Salma! hehe I’ll answer your question in the next blog post. That should give me plenty of material to bloviate.

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