Kill a Rat: Day 1

Hmmm, that was interesting.  Rafter was supposed to lead us, and ended up taking a LMG and pretty much left us on our own.  Ramp did the majority of the contact reports and directing.

No matter,  I was killed 10 times, and only managed 2 kills myself.  My frame rate wasn’t too great in the actual town.  Of course, my HDD is 20g and I have about 1G free on it, so there ya go.  For an artist at a game dev company, my pc sucks balls.  P4 2.4G with 1G of RAM…that sucks.  Pretty sure they are not going to spring for something better either.  I’m sure KFS1 will have a nice big write up on it, and since I am no good at putting pen to paper…I’ll leave it to him.

Tomorrow night I can redeem myself and maybe get 3 kills.

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  1. Comment by Anonymous | 04/21/07 at 5:57 pm

    Good job on the stripper clip animation. The new sight views are the best ever. They actually look like they are from a game that takes it’s self seriously.

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