No Easy Button

With the emergence of art houses specializing in game art content creation, more refined art programs and software that seems to just “do things”, it gets harder and harder to explain that there is no “easy button” for creating art.  Art is very subjective, and because of that, it seems either everyone is an artist, or an art critic.   There are still folks that think you can sprinkle some magic faerie dust over the computer and out pops well done, very efficient game assets.  Believe it or not, there are still some very talented artist working in the gaming industry and it takes more then a robust piece of software to create amazing things with.
Ok, rant over.

My continued education with Grome is coming along, although I had to put it aside for a bit to fix little art glitches and bugs for 1.34.  I’m still in love with the idea for futuristic mech type action, with infantry for RA.

On a different note, I finished Gears of War 3 last weekend, I love that franchise.  If you didn’t know, Ice-T of rapping fame, loves it too.  Well he found a new way to play, utilizing his girlfriend’s “assets” to make it even more enjoyable.


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