Freelance…Feels like free

So after months of searching for a 9-5 job, and very little luck in getting any attention, I decided to pursue freelance work.  Man, finding clients is a job all in itself.  I managed to land some smaller gigs but I am not getting rich off of it that is for sure.  I guess I should have spent my time learning how to be a better bullshitter, then maybe I could have landed a nice paying job doing something I am not good at.  I know of others that have.

So in between the small contracts, I have been working on two separate graphic novels:  “The Wreck” (yep seems like I have been working on that for a while now), and one written by my good friends and good writers; Steve and Mike Daniels called “Kingsmen”.   Kingsmen is going to be an ashcan release that I will probably be giving away at comic conventions here this year.  The first issue anyway.  “The Wreck” is becoming a slow process.  I really want it to do well, so I find myself changing things when I should let it flow.  We’ll see what happens.

By the way, if you know of anyone needing or wanting some pretty decent freelance illustration or character art done, send them my way.

I have a Facebook page dedicated to my comic work so if you are into the social media thing, give it a look and if you like it, LIKE it. 🙂

Thanks to whoever mentioned me in the barracks, I tried going there to post a “hey” and thanks but it seems my account has been nuked.  So anyone that reads this make sure to pass along my well wishes.

Been playing some games.  I dig Defiance for now.  Love Skyrim modded, finished Dead Space 3 (great game) and finished the very last DLC for Mass Effect 3….goddamn I am going to miss Cmdr Shepard.   So in keeping with the hot chick theme, this gal is fantastic as the voice of Mako in SWTOR.


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