Everyone’s an Artist

So the more I delve into the exciting and mysterious realm of freelancing, the more I discover that good, professional artist just get zero respect.  Most of the time, folks are interesting in getting work done for next to nothing (usually equates to around $5 an hour) or on spec (meaning you get paid if they make money).  I wonder if programmers get the same treatment or hell, plumbers?!  If you ever want to watch some informative youtube, check out what Stephen Silver has to say about the subject.  Silver is the creator of Kim Possible and has quite the opinion on artists getting ripped off.


Anyway, I have managed to land a few jobs but my main goal is still to get this graphic novel finished, out and on to the next one.  You can get pretty complacent working from home though.  I have to find that routine again..

On a side note, anyone playing Mechwarrior Online ?

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  1. Comment by lolender.com | 10/07/16 at 3:11 am

    Il est interessant de lire, merci beaucoup! Je continuerai a lire votre blog, mais pas toutes les informations dont j’ai besoin.

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