My Con Postmortem

Wow… Long weekend starting on Thursday during the day. MtrMouth started the weekend off on the wrong foot by calling me her grandpa. That didn’t score you any extra points sweetheart. Wait until you see your avatar. Some of us had lunch with a few of the con goers who had made their way to the offices. Went to Duke’s…I hate that farking place ($0.25 for ranch…how absurd). Played some golf with Latham (day before) and Bable, and then headed to the hotel.

Lot’s of drinking ensued, some poker, and mingling. Well I had to mingle because J.C. (blkjk) was riding my ass the whole time about not talking to anyone. If you know me, I am not much of a socialite. I suck. If you come up and talk to me, I will shoot the shit all night long, but for me to start conversations…well that just doesn’t happen very often.
Fluth won the poker tourney on Thursday night, beating out another lucky streak from Gophur. I’m not sure what he won, but beating Gophur should have been reward enough. The poker tournaments are fun because they are the rare occasion that you get to see Jim (Maypole) at the cons. He’s a sucker for getting his money taken. 🙂

Friday was another eventful day. First I started with the Round Table discussion. Gophur gave a brief overview of what’s in the works and then we had a question and answer session. Thanks to wwiiyoda, kieron and quig (I believe it was quig asking about foxholes for infantry) for the art questions. Without you, I probably would have fallen asleep up there. Volunteering for those things, I realize that most people want to know about the game play mechanics and not too many are interested in how many polygons us artists push but it’s fun to get up there and make fun of the sunglass wearing Doc. I felt kind of like the last kid picked for a pick-up game of basketball when Gophur practically begged someone to ask me a question…bah! Friday night brought more drinking and mingling.

Now a bit of a side story. You see, last year after the con, I had made a little joke about my regrets concerning the con. One of them was not talking to Helspar because he looked like he might just kick my ass. Well, helspar remembered, so he made it a point to let me know that we wouldn’t let that happen this year. So he bought me a drink (much appreciated) and then we headed across the street. All I have to say, is that it was a blast. Mucho gracias to the guys I hung out with over there. Helspar; dude, she was a perfect pick. She’s on the website. You da’man. If we have the opportunity next year, I owe ya. Thanks to Sparrow as well, but I think he did it because he likes to watch. Good thing it was raining a bit for the walk back to the hotel. (I’m pretty sure Hallpass and Ramp enjoyed it as well….they went back for seconds on Saturday night).

Saturday morning came way too soon, and off we went for paintball at ass-crack early. This year the field was smaller and the fighting more concentrated. It was a lot more fun. I think the Axis won the day, but Joker won the “get the enemy commander to surrender” prize. It’s always fun playing with Joker..he’s so competitive, and all I wanted to do was make sure my fucking pants didn’t fall down. Some of the con goers went to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. I hear they had a good time too.

Later that day, some awards were awarded, and prizes prized, and WillyTee donated his time drawing drawings for those making donations. More drinks were drunk, more smokes were smoked, and more strippers stripped. I finally went to bed around 2:30am but some went on to 355 for “night caps”.

All in all, the con was fun and seemed to be a success. I think everyone had fun, met some folks they didn’t know and talked trash with folks they did. Good meeting Rodlee (cool guy with HeavyMetal and Maggot in the background) and good luck to Tex64 with his book.

Keeping with the tradition of listing my highs and lows (or highlights and regrets), I’ll throw a few together:

  • Highlights
    • getting to talk with Helspar more this year
    • Friday night at NON
    • poker
    • hearing Rafter had to sleep out in his jeep on Saturday
  • Regrets
    • not mingling more
    • eating at Risky’s
    • not taking a picture of Rafter sleeping in his jeep
    • no picture with Blangett this year (her, TJ and his bros…good people)

Kudos to all of the folks that showed up and made it a good time. I have to mention Von Havoc….I think he was the first player I met at a con…way back during the Razzoo days. I would list everyone I enjoyed speaking with and meeting, but it’s just too long of a list. Thanks for all of the kind and encouraging words and I hope we are all around next year for another shindig.

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  1. Comment by Sparrow | 05/21/07 at 9:13 pm

    Hopefully I apologized sufficiently for that faux pas. You are always good about explaining stuff.

    The mortars were pure sweetness I look forward to using the brandt. Nice to see you get a chance to show off.

  2. Comment by Comstar | 05/22/07 at 5:12 pm

    Well now you have to tell us, what were the art questions, and answers?

  3. Comment by Toto | 05/22/07 at 7:07 pm

    Well one was about foxholes and deformable terrain. Something we do not have the ability to do with Unity1.
    Another was about replacing AT gunners, tank commanders, and boat personnel with Granny avatars. Something we are really pushing for.
    First question was about what I would like to see as far as new technology implementation into WWIIOL and there are so many things I would like to see added, I settled for normal and parallax mapping on dynamic world objects (i.e. infantry and vehicles).

  4. Comment by jwilly | 05/23/07 at 4:53 pm

    I wish CRS’s conclusion on the art shortcomings vs. gameplay merits of Virtual Foxholes (i.e. a dark-circle illustration of a foxhole laying on the terrain, occuplied by an illustration of the below-ground-plane part of the body and weapons) had been different back in ~2002. I understand that the visuals would be so-so, but the gameplay and developmental-trajectory implications along the way would have been huge.

    I also wish you guys could consider four-state visual models for buildings and naval vessels.

  5. Comment by Joker007 | 05/24/07 at 6:09 pm

    TOTO –

    thanks for the props, and for picking a good picture.

    You should know though, that your looks are badass, and therefore you may cause people to think of approaching you, as they would HELSPAR. 🙂 If you weren’t so farking *nice*, you would be the center of every bar fight. That may be why people don’t talk to you so quicly, imho. You should therefore always wear shirts with the TOTO emblem, sport a beret, keep paint splotches on your clothing (digital ain’t getting da ladies hawt, yo!), and wear sandals, to boot.

    But…you *do* look like you could kick ass. So…SMILE gawddammit! 😀

  6. Comment by Motormouth | 05/26/07 at 12:01 am

    You know I love you! You’re the sexiest damn grandpa evar!!! 😉

    Where’s the dam picture of you showing off those glorious dimples???

  7. Comment by GreatOne | 05/30/07 at 8:12 pm

    Was good meeting ya Bruce, I look forward to it again sometime. Your good people along with the rest of the bunch there 🙂

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