Max Attacks!

So before I left for the holiday break, 3d Studio decided to start acting up on me.  It would go through the loading process and then crash.  I tried everything, uninstall, reinstall, registry clean, etc and it still would crash when loading.    Well, Max stores some config and ini files in your documents and settings folder that I was unaware of.  I found out that my biped.ini file was corrupt.  All I had to do was delete the damn thing. 10 hours down the drain.

So with MAX working again I proceeded to fire it up and work.  I went to open a file on my secondary drive and BAM!  Lock up.  What the fuck?!  So I rebooted and found out that the computer wasn’t recognizing my secondary drive.  Wonderful….that is the drive that I have EVERYTHING on; all the infantry source files, any flt file that I had ever worked on, all of my porn…jeeesh.  After spending a couple of hours looking for software that can read and recover these drives, with no luck, I pulled the drive and plugged it into Ramp’s second box.  No problems…his could read the drive.   So I plugged the damn thing back into mine, but just switched the IDE channel with my DVD drive.   Everything works again.

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  1. Comment by Krenn | 01/05/08 at 9:04 pm

    If the DVD drive is still master, then it sounds like the circuitry on your drive may be going.

    I would treat it as due for imminent failure; get everything off of it on to a new drive.

  2. Comment by JWilly | 01/06/08 at 2:53 pm

    Backups are good. Theoretically I learned that back in 1982 or so, but I have a small pile of gradually accumulated dead drives containing valuable stuff as evidence of how slow a learner I am.

    Recently I set up an old box with a copy of Windows Home Server, available on a 6 month free trial. It automatically backs up my main home box every night. No fuss, no muss, much less future exposure to the consequences of my own procrastination etc.

  3. Comment by hchris | 01/11/08 at 12:09 pm

    Show us some work man 🙁

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