After waiting about 6 hours for him, the service tech managed to fix my connectivity problem.  Apparently, Charter has no issues with slapping on bad frequency filters to input lines to block everything to your house.  Filter gone, internet back.

On a different note; as I sat and waited yesterday, I was flipping through some of my new HD channels available to me through Dish Network and came across the GAMEPLAY channel.  It’s a HD channel devoted just to video games. The Seoul S. Korea hosted Blizzard Worldwide Invitational, was replaying (first aired in May of 2006).  I got to watch some guys battle it out for the Warcraft III championship title.  It was kind of cool.  All of the Korean women(girls) going gaga over their favorite player.  They even had an American and a Dutch (Grubby).

Getting paid to create games = cool
Getting paid to play games    = Awesome

The World Series of Video Games 

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