anyone even want this thing up anymore?

I fell off the wagon as far as thing is concerned, just not sure if anyone even read it.   I know a couple always checked it for WWIIOL updates, but sometimes that is not even possible.

Programming can be fun?

Although I am not doing any of that, just scripting, Oliver (KFS1-one whatever) just got done throwing together a little app that allows us to search the project for duplicate file names.  I am sure I am over-simplifying the description, but it is handy and will be a great time saver when (and if) we can ever get a centralized texture directory for the project.

Me, on the other hand, I am still trying to figure out what the difference between a “simulated function” and a function is.  Damn you Epic!

Unreal is…well unreal.

So lately, I have been spending my spare time back in JEdit and UncodeX trying to learn classes, sub-classes, functions, arrays and other such things in order to get basic functionality within UDK (Unreal Dev Kit).  It’s fun, but frustrating.  I am an artist after all and things that contain variables and strings just confuse my feeble mind.

I get it that Unreal Script is based on Java and it’s object oriented.  I also understand the Super class or base classes, and sub-classing those.  The thing that eats my lunch, is the syntax.   How in the hell do I put all of that stuff together?  Well, I guess that is what learning is all about.

On the work front, still just working through my TRAC list of bugs and anomalies to fix for 1.31.  So much to do.  I wonder if they will ever let us redo the infantry.  I guess I have to count myself lucky…I have a job.

Uncharted 2: Really good game!

Although there were a couple of really good games last year: Dragon Age, Assassins Creed 2, Resident Evil 5, Batman Arkham Asylum….Uncharted 2 is just so…awesome.  It looks good, has great voice acting, and plays out like a movie.   Hell, they could turn the game into a real movie and it would be very good.

If you have a PS3 and some time, you should check it out.

On the work front, I’m still neck deep into fixing terrain objects to conform with new code.  Still working on vehicle cockpits that are having alpha sorting issues due to new code.  Man, there is still a lot to do.  I finally have a partner to help push the infantry (3rd person) revisit.  It’s still going slow, but at least people are giving it a bit more thought now.  If you think it’s a good idea, keep your fingers crossed, maybe we will get it done eventually.
Jeremy and I still debate over the merits of ZBrush or Mudbox.  We are in opposite camps over here, but we do agree that either one is still just a tool and can be used to achieve our ultimate goals.  Mudboz rulz! 😛

Happy 2010!

Hey all.  Happy New Year and all that cool stuff.

Christmas was good, my wife bought me a new guitar and I bought myself a new amp.  Sweet.  I’ve been doodling every day for at least 30 minutes on my new Wacom, and coming up with some lame scribbles.  Maybe I will start posting them here on a weekly basis.

At work we are going through a new terrain build log that gets generated when we…build terrain (heh) and trying to fix nagging issues with place modes, LODs, and other such nonsense.  Oodles of fun.  I’ve been trying to bully Gophur into hooking me and Dekard up with some new dev PCs…thats not turning out so well.  Maybe I will hold his iPhone hostage to get what I want.